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Birthday Presents Everyone Will Love

Whenever you're out shopping for birthday presents for your loved ones, you always secretly hope that the gift you're buying will be cherished and appreciated by the recipient. Here are some unique birthday presents that are sure to put you in the recipient's favor:

First-edition books. Bookworms will love these birthday presents. They're out of print, and for that reason alone, they're very rare. You would want to convey to the person that you're giving it to that he or she is also one-of-a-kind. If these are beyond your budget, you can search for a new book and attend that author's book signing. Ask the author to write out a dedication for your pal.

For truly unique birthday presents, give them artwork created by you. This can be a painting or an enlarged photograph created by or taken by you. Have the paintings and the photos enlarged and framed. If they're photographs, they become more meaningful birthday presents if they're photos of you and the recipient.

Examples of extraordinary birthday presents are naming a star after your loved one or even "buying" and acre of the moon or of Mars. Sure, there are billions of stars out there, but having someone name a star after you is still absolutely sweet, whichever way you look at it.

These "out-of-this-world" birthday presents, such as giving the rights to a piece of a heavenly body, include an attractive printed deed, a constitution, a property map, a certificate of mineral rights, and an original copy of the deed of ownership.

Just when you think you're through with hunting for the perfect birthday presents and not finding the right ones, here's one you might want to try: pheromone perfumes. The makers of these scents claim that their formulas contain a natural body chemical which, when applied to the skin, emits a scent that will make one irresistible to members of the opposite sex.

You can even try on these birthday presents before purchase, as there are several websites offering free samples.

The last but perhaps most important of all birthday presents is the gift of time. This type of gift cannot be equated with any amount of money. You can give the birthday celebrant several vouchers that represent activities which he or she can spend with you. Your loved one can redeem these by returning them to you.

Examples of these birthday presents are an afternoon walk with you, a fishing trip, an baking session in the kitchen, a relaxing day at the spa, a weekend at the beach, or a trip to the movies.

There are veritably thousands of possible birthday presents you can find in stores, but only those that are chosen well are appreciated by the recipient. Not all birthday presents need to be expensive, but all of them should reflect what the birthday celebrant really means to you. And this means that the gift must come from the heart and must be something you have given a lot of thought to.

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